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Vicarious Racism

When I was in high school I got into a debate with another student about the effects of racism. She had pointed out that, because of racism, property values decreased when a black person moved into a neighborhood. I argued that that was not true, and I worked at the Board of Realtors for our […]


To be honest, I have been hiding out from the world at large; not the small everyday world around me, but the big overwhelming, sky-is-falling world. I have pulled in and shielded myself and it has made a big difference. I think sometimes you have to pull the blanket over your head in order to […]

The Happiness Trap

Have you ever met someone who was going through a terrible challenge and yet they always seemed to be positive and upbeat? Did you ever wish you could be like them…that you could find the secret to happiness in the face of such trials? I’ve wished that. And I have fallen face first in the […]

A Good Excuse

It’s sad, but true…we are winging past the time of good intentions and New Year’s resolutions to the time of excuses. Those of us working through the challenges of mental illness are very familiar with excuses. We use them often; sometimes every day. Oh, we beat ourselves up for using them, but we don’t hesitate […]

I’m Still Here

I find it ironic how life works sometimes. When I started Anxious Artist just a short time ago, I was in the best mental health of my life. I had gone through so many challenges and had learned so much on how to keep my mental health on track that I wanted to share that […]

After the Fall

So, it has happened again. Anxiety has hit so hard that you can’t leave the house, or worse, the panic attack was so bad that it landed you in the hospital. Or, you spent the night in hell; depression pulling you under so deep that you nearly took that step past your life. Maybe you […]

A Victim of My Own Thoughts

Over the past weekend, I came to a sobering realization. I suffer from a victim mentality. It’s not the kind where I am actively seeking sympathy or subscribing to that kind of oppressive neediness that drains people. It is, however, the kind where I have a hard time seeing the blessings in my life. I […]

A Little Night Thinking

I was going to do research on an alternative treatment option this week and then my life went into exploding comet mode: you know, shredding through space at unholy speeds while jettisoning random and arbitrary exploding particles. It happens and when it does, my usual night thinking goes into overdrive. I will lie down and […]


There is this Carly Simon song called “Anticipation” and I somehow borrowed it years ago and replaced the refrain with “Procrastination”. It actually works. Seriously, listen…”Procrastination, Pro-cras-ti-na-a-tion…is making me late…is keeping me wa-a-aiting.” The only problem is, I now I have a theme song rolling through my head when I’m dragging me feet to get […]

I’ve Got a Gut Feeling

There have been some pretty profound discoveries made about the human body in recent years. I mean, we have chopped up the human body stem to stern, seven ways to Sunday and only recently discovered that there is an entire lymphatic system in the brain. And, while we have known for many years about the […]


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